Workers & Funds

We cannot host gatherings in the Outpost until it is to code, which will require major renovations.

These garages are a historic landmark, which means: 1) architectural plans are required for landmarks review before work can begin and 2) much of the work must be done by certified professionals. The scope of the project is approximately 4600 sq ft of building and 1300 sq ft of yard. 

If qualified labor can be offered for free/at discount, it would be greatly appreciated!

Project costs are currently rough estimates or unknown. We'll have more details once we find our architect and general contractor.


Immediate Needs

Security fence replacement

Yard clean up

Architect - up to 8% total project cost (could be $60,000+)

General Contractor

Roof & Decking Replaced - $118,000

Future Needs

Plumbing Expansion

Electric Update

Bathrooms Install

HVAC & Install

Potential Gas Line Expansion / Update?

Concrete Flooring (2" slab)

Fire Sprinkler System?

Mason Work

Doors Installed / Updated

Lighting Update

Office & Loft Rebuild

Kitchen Appliances