We are worshipers.

Big faith is big worship. Because God is good, we will worship recklessly and live fearlessly.

We share good news.

We will do anything short of sin to help people know Christ. We will reach those no one is reaching by doing what no one else is doing.

We are a movement.

We are disciples who make disciple-makers, leaders who raise up leaders, and churches that plant churches.

We are crazy generous.

Because God gave His all for us, we will give irrationally.

We are on a mission.

We are a church without walls for real people with real questions, so we seek people out and love them as they are.

We are family.

In Christ we are a family, so we stand with each other through life’s ups and downs.

We are transformed.

Christ loves us as we are, but He is not content to leave us the same! Life changes radically when we love God completely.